C-world Gas is a subsidiary of C-World International Marketing Company Limited, established to meet the needs of our numerous customers via the delivery of quality services. C-world International Marketing Company Limited an incorporated company, well positioned among other things to carry out business in the distribution of LPG(Cooking gas) and diesel with a wide scope of Partnering professionals, Consultants,Industry leaders, team players,wholesalers, retailers and others, involving in the skills aquisition, career development and leadership in the Oil and Gas sector.

Our passion to solve problems in the LPG sector led us to the establishment of C-World Gas and from apprenticeship,internship and practice levels, we have grown to become a single company to associate with in the sector.Our proven knowledge and technical know-how launched us to mastery levels in our areas of specialisation(cooking gas and diesel). Over the period of time, we have developed a clientele base which cut cross Institutions,food & beverages,hospitalities( eateries & hotels) and manufacturing sectors.

What We Have To Offer

Our aims and objectives are connected towards customers satisfaction. we have experienced,motivated and courteous teams dedicated to meet up with our clients expections.


Our vision is to be a major distributor of Oil and Gas products within and outside Nigeria with utmost sense of safety and integrity by providing qualitative and quantitative services.


With highly motivated workforce, state of the art machinery and proper understanding of market dynamics, we work enthusiastically to ensure customer satisfaction and safety is achieved..


Our diligence, honesty and integrity speak for us in all the places we are doing business.